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Utilizing the ViSi Mobile Monitoring System to Optimize Clinical Workflow

The ViSi Mobile Monitoring System is increasingly adopted in clinical settings to improve workflow and patient care.

How Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System can help Patients with Heart Problems

Wireless vital sign monitoring systems have the potential to significantly improve the care and treatment of patients with cardiac problems.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices in Healthcare

The implementation of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices is making a positive impact on both patient and practitioner care.

Why You Need A Mobile Vital Signs Monitor To Keep Your Patients Safe

A mobile vital signs monitor like Visi Mobile is especially helpful when it comes to monitoring patients who are hospitalized or traveling.

How Medical Monitoring Devices are Helping Patients in the Hospital

Wireless medical monitors collect patient data outside a traditional healthcare setting using an external or implantable device, which transmits the data to healthcare professionals for analysis.

Is there a Difference between Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices can make your job easier, whether you're an IT expert or a hands-on healthcare provider. Healthcare workers have already purchased or are in the process of buying one.

Detecting and Monitoring Lethal Cardiac Rhythms

Detecting and Monitoring lethal cardiac rhythms is crucial. Wireless monitoring can provide real-time alerts and allow timely intervention.

Continuous Patient Monitoring in Intensive-Care Units and General Ward

Although a continuous patient monitoring system has improved patient safety in ICUs, the effort for enhancing patient care and delivering excellent care begins with preventing ICU admissions.

Importance of Machine Learning in Healthcare Monitoring

The use of machine learning techniques has become an integral part of healthcare monitoring. This article explores the benefits of machine learning in the context of healthcare monitoring.

Moving Towards a Safer Hospital Care With Surveillance Monitoring

Early detection and prevention of an adverse event with surveillance monitoring may also allow hospitals to safely allocate staffing, medication, and equipment resources to stabilize the patient.