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Sotera Digital Health introduces the ViSi Mobile System at the CMEF Shenzhen International Exhibition

Sotera Digital Health had the privilege of presenting at the 88th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) in Shenzhen, introducing the ViSi Mobile wireless vital sign monitoring system. The CMEF is the leading medical equipment exhibition in Asia, providing a platform for globally licensed medical manufacturers and industry professionals to showcase their latest innovations.

Over the past decade, Sotera Digital Health has made significant strides in continuous vital sign monitoring and multifunctional design. The pivotal concept of “data as a service” was emphasized during the presentation by CEO Shin-Lo Chia, highlighting how the company leverages ViSi Mobile as a platform, integrating smart data science and collaborating closely with physicians. This synergy allows ViSi Mobile to provide more accurate monitoring information, aiding doctors in crafting more precise treatment plans and ultimately saving more lives.

The significance of Sotera Digital Health’s work in the medical field was emphasized during the presentation – it is not just for the company but to move and inspire physicians and patients. The goal is to continuously improve the ailing healthcare system, making their work something that uplifts and moves all healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

ViSi Mobile is a wireless vital sign monitoring system that provides medical professionals with real-time access to vital sign data. Remote monitoring and access to vital signs and medical records can reduce time spent on documentation and improve accuracy, optimize patient flow, reduce wait times, and improve patient satisfaction and engagement, potentially saving costs.

The ViSi Mobile System presents a long-term value proposition to hospitals, improving patient safety and clinical workflow. The system offers continuous surveillance monitoring of vital signs to provide a safety net for overwhelmed nursing units.

Sotera Digital Health is committed to making a global impact and is confident that the ViSi Mobile System will transform the healthcare industry.

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