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ViSi Mobile: Wearable Medical Alert Device with Fall Detection

Emergencies can occur unexpectedly and without warning. As a result, fall detection technology is a vital, life-saving component in medical alert systems. If you are unable to hit the help button following a fall or during a medical emergency, the automated fall detection feature of a medical alert system can provide you with the assurance that you will still receive the assistance that you require.

Vital Signs: How Often is Too Often?

Monitoring vital signs in the hospital is an essential aspect of providing basic patient care, but how often and what other technological systems (electronic medical record for documentation and staff phones for notification) should be integrated, is a question of patient safety.

Low Nurse Staffing Levels Can Lead To Missed Vital Signs and Hospital Mortality

Vital signs monitoring is an important component in assessing a patient's progress during their hospitalization. However, when nurse staffing levels are low, vital signs monitoring may be missed potentially leading to poor patient outcomes, transfers to higher levels of care, and even death.

Here's All You Need to Know About Patient Monitoring Device

Consistent advancements and breakthroughs in sensor and connection technology have transformed techniques of monitoring patient well-being in medical facilities. There are numerous devices that monitor vital signs; how do patient monitoring devices differ from one another? Here’s All you need to know about Patient Monitoring Devices.