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ViSi Mobile Shows Patient Vitals on a Remote Viewer Display



All patients being monitored with ViSi Mobile will be shown on a Remote Viewer Display, also known as the RVD as patient tiles or patient monitoring sessions. The RVD is a central station that allows a comprehensive view of all patients, their ECG and SpO2 and respiratory waveforms, vital sign numeric trends, events (such as admitting the patient), alerts (such as "check ECG electrodes"), and physiologic alerts (such as "SpO2 less than 85%") as well as a graphical display of the patients' vital sign trends. If the print feature is enabled you can print list trends as well as current waveforms and look back up to 48 hours on the waveform review feature as well. 

The ViSi Mobile monitor automatically establishes a wireless connection whenever a wrist monitor is within range of the hospital’s network. While theViSi Mobile monitor has connected to the network all alarms except for "battery too hot" and "shock hazard" will sound at the RVD instead of at the patient’s wrist monitor to avoid disturbing the patient. 

If wireless connectivity is lost, the ViSi Mobile monitor becomes a standalone monitor and any alarms will sound at the patient’s wrist monitor. During periods of wireless dropout, the RVD will display the alert connectivity lost, and live vital sign data will not display on the RVD but can still be viewed on the patient’s wrist monitor. When the monitored patient is again within range of the network, ViSi Mobile will automatically reconnect to the network.

If monitoring begins before the patient is assigned to the wrist-worn monitor, the patient’s tile displays at the bottom right under the banner “patients who require further management” displaying no patient ID. It’s important to assign patient demographics on the patient’s wrist monitor as soon as possible so that the patient's monitoring session does not continue to display without a patient ID. This is done by integrating the ViSi Mobile Monitoring system with the hospital’s Admit/Discharge/Transfer feed. 


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