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Empowering Healthcare Professionals: Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring in Action

In this blog post, we are thrilled to take you on a journey into the transformative realm of wireless vital sign monitoring and explore how our cutting-edge systems are empowering healthcare professionals to deliver the highest standard of patient care.

Reducing the Number of Non-Actionable Alarms with the ViSi Mobile

One major concern is having a high frequency of alarms, causing desensitization and alarm fatigue for the bedside staff. One approach to address this concern is to reduce the number of alarms that self-resolve without any nursing intervention, otherwise known as non-actionable alarms.

How Do We Reduce Burnout Among Nurses?

With current staff shortages, increases in nursing burnout, and aging nursing staff, efforts to reduce workload and implement technologies that assist versus hinder direct patient care need to be implemented to ensure patient safety and improve staff satisfaction. The use of technology has become an essential component in modern health care settings due to increased efficiency with minimal errors made when using technology versus paper-based processes.

Maximizing Clinical Workflow with the ViSi Mobile Monitoring System

Entering vital signs manually into an EMR can be time-consuming and prone to error because it requires clinicians to check off each item on their list. To address this delayed documentation, hospitals are now working with medical device companies to integrate the data from their devices with the EMR.

Vital Sign Monitoring and Nurse-Patient Interaction

The ViSi Mobile System can be a complete game-changer, as it is designed to provide continuous surveillance monitoring for patients in general care settings. It enables more efficient use of clinician time with less spot check monitoring, efficient vital signs management, and EHR integration.

Can Nursing Informatics Improve Person-Centered Care?

Can nursing informatics improve person-centered care? To answer this question, we must first explore what role informatics plays in nursing health care delivery.

ViSi Mobile Smart Tip - Post Pie Troubleshooting

Controlling high blood pressure requires an understanding of your results, from Normal to Hypertensive Crisis, and being able to monitor the changes in your blood pressure is vital for your safety. It is slightly stressful to not obtain a blood pressure reading even when you've followed through all the steps, your pie is filled and there's still no displayed reading.

Curbing Nurse Burnout with ViSi Mobile

It is a statistical fact that patients are more likely to have better experiences when nurses are engaged, so it is important to provide them with the support they need to be fulfilled in their jobs.

Preventing Adverse Drug Events with ViSi Mobile

With the ViSi Mobile monitoring system with Life-Threatening Arrhythmia Detection, Fall Detection, and Posture notifications, bedside staff can be notified of patient deterioration related to an adverse drug event in real-time and prevent delayed treatment and associated additional patient harm.

Lethal Arrhythmia Detection: The Next Step in Surveillance Monitoring

Our goal is to help hospitals improve patient safety across the enterprise with minimum impact on the alarm burden and clinical workflow. If we can help nurses detect patient deterioration early enough, further complications can be avoided.