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Six Advantages of  Telemetry Heart Monitoring to Enhance Patient Care

Upgrade your cardiac care with Sotera Wireless and take the first step towards better patient outcomes. Our telemetry heart monitoring technology allows for real-time monitoring of a patient's heart rhythm and QRS pattern, notification for lethal arrhythmias, and providing valuable insight into their condition.

Reducing Risk: How Wireless Vital Signs Monitors Benefit Patients in the Post-Operative Phase

If you are interested in using a wireless vital sign monitoring system in your clinic, speak to our team at Sotera about ViSi Mobile.

Reducing the Number of Non-Actionable Alarms with the ViSi Mobile

One major concern is having a high frequency of alarms, causing desensitization and alarm fatigue for the bedside staff. One approach to address this concern is to reduce the number of alarms that self-resolve without any nursing intervention, otherwise known as non-actionable alarms.

Vital Sign Monitoring For Early Intervention In General Care Units

Patient monitoring in low-acuity general hospital wards is now dependent largely on nursing staff's intermittent observations and measurements of the vital signs. In a fast-paced environment, timely detection of changes in vital signs may provide a critical early indication of potential health problems. Continuous wireless vital sign monitoring provides an effective and efficient means of patient vital sign monitoring in general care units.

Wireless Patient Monitoring in the Threat of Infectious Diseases

The ViSi Mobile Monitoring System offers clinicians a continuous stream of data to assist identify early indicators of deterioration, allowing them to avert bad outcomes and keep caregivers safe. All core vital indicators are properly captured and wirelessly transmitted by the ViSi Mobile System: Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, ECG, SpO2, Heart Rate/Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, and Skin Temperature.

ViSi Mobile as a Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System

Continuous vitals monitoring is crucial for early detection of patient deterioration as well as prompt response and management. Medical specialists who have spent years developing technology to improve patient care created ViSi Mobile. Find out more about its features right here!

Maximizing Clinical Workflow with the ViSi Mobile Monitoring System

Entering vital signs manually into an EMR can be time-consuming and prone to error because it requires clinicians to check off each item on their list. To address this delayed documentation, hospitals are now working with medical device companies to integrate the data from their devices with the EMR.

Using Cardiac Monitoring Devices To Detect Irregular Heartbeats in The Emergency Department

Cardiac Monitoring Devices (CMDs) are used for detecting and monitoring the electrical activity of the heart. They are very important because they give the emergency doctor more advanced diagnostic tools. Find out what it is, why you need it, and how ViSi mobile can be best.

Vital Sign Monitoring and Nurse-Patient Interaction

The ViSi Mobile System can be a complete game-changer, as it is designed to provide continuous surveillance monitoring for patients in general care settings. It enables more efficient use of clinician time with less spot check monitoring, efficient vital signs management, and EHR integration.

A CMO’s and CIO’s perspective on the future of healthcare

The rise of technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, and the medical industry is no exception. The industry is seeing a wave of transformative change that will usher in an era of technological advances in healthcare.