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Introducing The Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System! Keep Your Patients Safe And Comfortable

What if your hospital could provide continuous monitoring of patients in all acute care settings and avoid costly adverse events, readmissions, and even worse, avoidable deaths? Sotera Wireless has been leading the way for continuous surveillance monitoring of patients in the general ward for the past decade.

Here we discuss the benefits and provide a detailed overview of wireless vital sign monitoring systems to keep your patients safe and comfortable with this simple to use and economical wireless vital sign monitoring system.

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What is a Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System?

A Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System is a portable, inexpensive wireless vital signs monitoring system that uses radiofrequency technology to monitor patients. It is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in the room where you need to monitor a patient’s vital signs. The Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System is small and lightweight, making it convenient to transport and use.


Why Use a Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System?

Wireless continuous vital sign monitoring by wearable devices have recently become available for patients in general wards to promote the timely detection of clinical deterioration. Many continuous monitoring systems use conventional threshold alarm settings to alert nurses in case of deviating vital signs.


What are the Advantages of Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring Systems?

The most common use of patient monitors in hospitals is to keep an eye on the vital signs of patients with chronic illnesses (diabetes, etc.) and to detect further complications. Therefore, let's determine the value of wireless patient monitors in the healthcare industry.

  • A sense security is vital for patients who are receiving treatment in any type of hospital setting. A wireless vital sign monitoring system can provide this security and reassure the patient that they are being monitored and cared for. It can reduce the cost of care - By providing real-time information on a patients vitals, you can identify problems early on, before they become more serious. This can save the hospital money in terms of treatment costs and potential complications.
  • The use of communication equipment in healthcare reduces the difficulty that medical professionals face when monitoring multiple patients at the same time. It enables them to monitor patients without physically being present at their bedside, whether in a hospital or at home. The devices monitor the patient's vitals using a variety of sensors, including heart rate, body temperature, ECG, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and so on.
  • Wireless health monitoring removes geographical barriers to obtaining specialist care. Wireless health monitors not only transmit vital physiological signals to medical personnel, but they also facilitate measurement, increasing patient monitoring efficiency.


Need an Effective Wireless Patient Monitoring Solution?

The ViSI Mobile System is FDA-approved software (Version 6.0.1) that focuses on improving clinical workflow and patient recovery time in the general care and post-surgical areas of the hospital. The ViSi Mobile Vital Signs Monitoring System provides accurate, continuous, and non-invasive vital sign monitoring for patients in care units that are designed for patient recovery and the prevention of physiological deterioration provides a way for healthcare providers to monitor patients from a distance in a way that is efficient and cost-effective.

Additionally, ViSi Mobile's capabilities include real-time data transmission, online patient status updates, and 24/7 support. The system can improve patient safety by letting doctors detect early changes in vital signs from a distance. This wearable sensor pack uses Wi-Fi technology, which lets doctors monitor their patients from a distance with the same level of accuracy as an ICU.

ViSi Mobile provides clinical staff with real-time alerts based on continuous monitoring of the patient's vital signs, transforming the culture from reactive to predictive. See it in action today!

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