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Infectious Disease – How ViSi Mobile Can Help

ViSi Mobile in Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has wreaked havoc across Asia. However, Singapore has done exceedingly well in keeping the virus under control. ViSi Mobile is currently being used in Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases, the main hospital dealing with COVID-19 there.

ViSi Mobile in Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases
ViSi Mobile being used on a Coronavirus patient at
Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases

Sotera Wireless is able to deploy independent close-ended ViSi Mobile System kits, each supporting 10 patient beds with its own independent WIFI network and remote patient viewer.  The ViSi Mobile wearable technology can be quickly deployed and setup to:

  • Provide continuous monitoring for infectious diseases with the required primary vital signs of blood oxygenation, respiration rate and body temperature AND secondary vital signs of cardiac outputs (heart rate, pulse rate and ECG) and blood pressure
  • Reduce interactions between patients and clinicians through remote monitoring to avoid cross-infections.  To date, there have been a number of clinicians confirmed to be cross-infected by patients. Reduce clinician’s entry and exit into quarantine wards and the number of times to put on, scrub/clean and take off protective clothing
  • The wearable device provides quarantined patients with freedom of movement without being tethered to traditional large vital sign monitoring systems on the bed during their (forced) extended stays
  • Allow for less disruption of the patient while they rest and recover from their infection
  • Shortens implementation cycle and is the ideal monitor to be used during emergency situations

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