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How Medical Monitoring Devices are Helping Patients in the Hospital

Like most people, you probably think of hospitals as places to get sick or injured. But hospitals are also important places for patients who need to stay healthy and monitored.

Wireless medical monitors are becoming essential tools for healthcare professionals. They show promise for more than just managing chronic health conditions as wearable technology, mobile health, and telemedicine continue to evolve.

Wireless medical monitors like ViSi Mobile collect patient data outside a traditional healthcare setting using an external or implantable device, which transmits the data to healthcare professionals for analysis. For example, they can collect and transmit data on blood pressure, heart rate, vital signs, weight, temperature, and blood sugar levels at any time and place. Also, the ability to monitor patient health remotely without requiring additional staff or equipment makes these devices a valuable asset in clinics and other clinical settings. For example, this type of monitoring can be critical for recovering from surgery or a severe illness. In addition, by pinpointing any changes in a patient's health early on, hospitals can help ensure they receive the best possible care.

In-person appointments were limited during the Covid-19 pandemic to reduce virus spread, making wireless medical monitors one of the most in-demand industries in 2020 and 2021. According to GlobalData, the RPM market will be worth $760 million by 2030, up from $548.9 million in 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3%. 


The Advantages of the ViSi Mobile Monitoring System

The ViSi Mobile® Patient Monitoring System from Sotera is a comprehensive vital signs monitoring platform that keeps clinicians connected to their patients whether in bed, in transport, or ambulating. The system, which includes comfortable body-worn sensors that allow for freedom of movement, allows for accurate, continuous monitoring of all core vital signs, including beat-to-beat, noninvasive blood pressure and patient activity and posture. ViSi Mobile is a system designed to improve patient safety by detecting patient deterioration early and connecting clinicians with their patients anytime and anywhere.


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Our goal is to assist hospitals in improving patient safety across the board while reducing alarm burden and clinical workflow.

Hospitals are turning to wireless medical monitors to ensure patient safety and reduce alarm burden. These monitors are designed to assist with clinical workflow while providing real-time patient vital signs information. This new technology can help hospitals reduce alarm fatigue, improve patient safety, and provide clinicians with more accurate patient condition data. With these wireless medical monitors, hospitals can ensure that their patients receive the highest possible care level.

Further complications can be avoided if we can assist nurses in detecting patient deterioration early enough.

Let us work together to establish continuous monitoring as the new standard of care for step-down and general floor units.

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